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WFH Outfits: Basics, Styles, and Brands Cover Image

WFH Outfits: Basics, Styles, and Brands

When lockdown started, I didn’t think much of it in terms of how much it will impact my future. I was thinking more of the now mostly because a lot of my family members and close friends were working the frontlines and I was trying to be supportive given I was just expected to be at home. My job status was a bit confusing between transitioning from living abroad, doing some small client projects, and looking for ways to pivot...


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Things to do in Orlando's Lake Eola Heights Historic District Cover Image

Things to do in Orlando's Lake Eola Heights Historic District

My days have gotten pretty intense as of late and with the addition of a few new clients and expanding my expertise. Navigating the freelance life is new to me but something I’m enjoying! With that said, weekends have been my refuge as I have set boundaries with work and try to take that time off. Over the last several months, I started creating rituals for the weekend, and one that I’ve enjoyed and kept up with is visiting Lake...

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Vegan Mango Lassi Popsicles Cover Image

Vegan Mango Lassi Popsicles

There are certain flavors in the world that I always associate to my childhood. Most of them are too obscure to see in everyday life in the West, but one is popular and vast enough to wins the hearts of so many people. These mango lassi popsicles are easily one of those treats that remind me and so many others of visiting grandparents in India, sucking on the seed of the mango over the sink at the peak of mango...

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7 Financial Goals for My 30s Cover Image

7 Financial Goals for My 30s

One thing I couldn’t stop thinking about when writing this post was how much my spending habits have changed over the last year. I’ve always believed in “less is more” as I found myself living across different countries and cities in my 20s–but the thing to note is how much I am focusing on building assets for the future. Not just thinking about myself, but my family and future offspring.

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Herby Chickpea Samosas Recipe Cover Image

Herby Chickpea Samosas Recipe

It is the first time since I started my blog that I haven’t been as consistent with my content. Even through graduate school, international moves, and the busy season you would find content ready from me to go. 2020 has been the year that so much has changed and sacrifices were made. It seemed like I didn’t have a minute to stop and breathe because I had all these goals and ambitions for 2020 and with the pandemic and extra...