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WFH Outfits: Basics, Styles, and Brands Cover Image

WFH Outfits: Basics, Styles, and Brands

When lockdown started, I didn’t think much of it in terms of how much it will impact my future. I was thinking more of the now mostly because a lot of my family members and close friends were working the frontlines and I was trying to be supportive given I was just expected to be at home. My job status was a bit confusing between transitioning from living abroad, doing some small client projects, and looking for ways to pivot...


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Food Lovers Guide to Winter Garden, Florida Cover Image

Food Lovers Guide to Winter Garden, Florida

After taking day trips to Lakeland and then Tampa, I was very energized to explore more of Central Florida. Just before the pandemic and then lockdown late last year, my parents and I decided to spend a Saturday afternoon in Winter Garden, Florida! Winter Garden is about a 30-minute drive from Orlando, which makes it a place to explore for half a day. It’s more residential, and the town center celebrates local businesses! After spending just an afternoon and part...

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Authentic Gujarati Khichdi Recipe Cover Image

Authentic Gujarati Khichdi Recipe

Have you ever noticed that the dishes that you often grew up with and gravitated to at those times were the ones that continue to be your favorite? Then you have those dishes that you like as an adolescent, but you gradually get tired of and often have to revisit them. Is it that the nostalgia makes the childhood dish that much better or is it that we’ve adapted our tastebuds to associate those flavors as being elite. My mom’s...


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Is Multitasking Good? How I Maximize My Day Cover Image

Is Multitasking Good? How I Maximize My Day

The concept of multitasking has a pretty bad reputation among productivity enthusiasts and mindfulness coaches. Research shows that our brains are incapable of handling too many tasks at once and that multitasking can reduce productivity overtime. When I was living in London, my life often felt like a marathon between home, work, blogging, and just trying to live my youth to the fullest. Eventually, I saw diminishing returns and came to realize the importance of cutting back on juggling too...


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Herby Chickpea Samosas Recipe Cover Image

Herby Chickpea Samosas Recipe

It is the first time since I started my blog that I haven’t been as consistent with my content. Even through graduate school, international moves, and the busy season you would find content ready from me to go. 2020 has been the year that so much has changed and sacrifices were made. It seemed like I didn’t have a minute to stop and breathe because I had all these goals and ambitions for 2020 and with the pandemic and extra...