2012 in Words

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2012 in Words

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Every year, I write my year’s reflection on the 28th of December and then on the 1st I write three words I want to live by throughout the new year [in my journal, if you’re wondering]. I feel like I accomplish more when I set goals around the words I’ve chosen. I can’t do resolutions because I break them in 48 hours [like all of you do and you know it]. On top of that, I choose ridiculous resolutions too, like: save up for XYZ, run everyday, eat less desserts. We all know I would never follow those.


2011 was a year of ambition and dedication. Even though I took time for myself with my trip to Spain and my recent trip to Jamaica, I want to make 2012 a year to step away from the chaos and chill out. I’m a type-A person, have you noticed? I have a very systematic way of doing things and I need to break that habit. I feel like rebellious girls have more fun! So instead of waking up at 5am on weekends to enjoy the sunrise, NYT and coffee… I think it is time I start sleeping in. I need to live a little.


This kind of goes off of my first word. Actually, it has exactly to do with the first word. You know what I’ve noticed? A lot of my blog friends’ careers have something to do with their blog. How do you manage your time between work and play? I have a hard time with leaving work at work and away from my bed. I’m pretty sure you don’t see me struggling with that, but I do. If I did, I would have posts about Middle East politics, African development, China’s economic rise and the anti-corruption in India all over c&é. Consider yourself lucky.


First off, let me explain this image. I love it because it goes with the theme of my vintage photo selection, but also because she’s reading the NYT [and that’s all I do]. If you look behind the ‘grow’ flag, you’ll notice that there’s a man behind there. Watching her and smoking a cigarette. Creepy.

Anyways, last year I took a particular interest in Oenology [the study of wine]. Expanding my horizons is something I want to continue doing every year. I feel like such a champ when I bust out some information about types of grapes, best harvest seasons and meat & wine pairings. Not exactly sure what I will learn/teach myself this year. If you’ve got some ideas, throw ‘em at me!

There you have it. My words of 2012. Now lets hope I follow them. I will admit that I covered relax pretty well yesterday. Sundays are my days to catch up with everything. Well, I woke up at 10am and watched the Food Network all day. Here’s to 2012!

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