4 August 2012

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4 August 2012
4 August 2012

♫♪ Les Cités Bleues by Paname Dandies

And I’m back from Key West! It was a nice trip to getaway for a few days because honestly I needed it, but I quickly learned that it was almost impossible to blog [even though I had everything drafted and ready to go]. I actually forgot to put up one of my posts until I remembered a good three hours after my usual post time. But I’m hoping that won’t be the case while in grad school. Vacations are not systematic and school is. I hope. Key West was a nice mix of beaches, food and friends with lots of heat, but what else do you expect in the dead of summer in Florida? I will be sharing my photos throughout the week next week so be sure to look out!

Today is the one month mark line before I head over to London prior to settling in Scotland. I’m nervous because I have a good chunk of work to do that I know I always complain about, but this Key West trip really set me back. I’m actually quite concerned about getting everything done, but I’m sure it will all work out at the end. One thing will be crossed off the list after today and that’s shopping for random things I need for school. This list includes lots of underwear, power adaptors, some school supplies and leather gloves. Once I get those things, I’m ready to pack my bags.

Now onto the Olympics. I have been an avid watcher making sure I don’t miss a single event. Even though I was on vacation I was streaming it on the phone, and DVRed everything. I have come to two conclusions, I love Ryan Lochte and I want to raise an Olympian myself. What an honor it is to watch your country win and I get teary-eyed myself when Team USA wins a gold, silver or bronze. I would be a complete wreck if that was my kid, so proud. Too bad my family history is barely athletic, my brother and I are the most and that’s not saying much. This is why I told you I love Ryan Lochte, we can reproduce those Olympians! No problem.

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