Corporate Confusion

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Corporate Confusion

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Most of my wardrobe these days have been consumed with whites, blacks, and greys. Though sometimes I’ve been adding bits of beige too. Not much in terms of color and definitely not substantial now, is it? I used to be one who wore so many florals, colors, and patterns and sometimes still resort to those pieces. It’s just working a corporate job seems to be a place where I’m going to have to find ways to express myself. My weekend uniform of choice for brunch meet-ups and afternoon rendezvous have gotten a bit more formal because I’m investing less in weekend wear. I feel like I’m a confused corporate most of the time. This job is going to have me all types of confused in the sartorial department for a while. It’s not a bad thing!

To any corporate outfit, I like to add a bit of personality by changing up the colors of my shoes, adding a built, or going big on accessories. I’m just going to have to try and find more ways to get color and patterns in! This Talbots dress can also be styled with a black blazer and heels for a more corporate look. Throw on some pearls and you’ve got a conservative look.

Also, a quick side note. Did you know that Talbots has some great clothes for the workplace? In my new office, the dress code is ultra-conservative because of the regions we’re operating in and clients we’re bringing in. I want to make sure I’m respectful. Talbots has the length and quality we all need! The pieces bring a statement but can be styled in so many different ways just like a classic. I’m going to have to check out more of their items, but for now, I’m happy and content with what I’ve got!

Corporate Confusion
Corporate Confusion
Corporate Confusion

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