How To Choose a Trench Coat

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How To Choose a Trench Coat

Every first day of autumn I tend to replace my bathing suits and tunics and linen trousers with light cardigans and flats and a trench coat. There is an anticipation that warmer days will be accompanied by cooler breezes in the mid-afternoon. Autumn brings a few showers and dewy mornings, but the fall sun is one of the most beautiful as it flirts with the moon that now wants to peak in earlier and earlier. As we watch two seasons evolve either from summer to autumn or winter to spring, the trench coat is the perfect companion for any outfit or situation!

I love a trench coat because it can be layered for cooler autumn or spring days, but also throw onto your standard summer outfit for something appropriate for warmer days. It’s the one thing I made sure to buy when I was putting together my closet from the UK. A trench coat is cool, classic, and always on trend. When I was out shopping, I came across someone at Burberry who helped me understand how to choose a trench coat! What’s a better place to learn about how to choose a trench coat? Oh, nowhere!

How To Choose a Trench Coat
How To Choose a Trench Coat
How To Choose a Trench Coat


A trench coat is one of the most flattering and versatile pieces for any closet, male or female. If you’re trying to figure out how to choose a trench coat, go with something with light shoulder padding as it will allow the coat to fall and hold its figure. Always pick a trench coat that has a belt or straps to tie a bow. Breaking up the jacket with a belt or straps will help create a form and figure around the body.


The Burberry salesperson said that you know how to choose a trench coat when you make sure that the shoulders fit well. Do you see a trend here? It’s all in the shoulders! Proper fitting in the shoulders means it will also fit along the chest and back. It is extremely important that the trench coat can be buttoned in the front, even if you’re going to wear it as a sport coat.


If you’re unsure on how to choose a trench coat size and you’re shopping online, then make sure you know what your arm length is. Everyone has a different wingspan, so it’s easiest to know the fitting for shoulders and arms before committing.


Water-resistant nylon and cotton blend coats have the best impact against rain and wind. Cotton allows for weight to fight against wind, which in my opinion is one of the most important factors. Ultimately, if you’re trying to figure out how to choose a trench coat based on material, then choose something that is heavy. The material will soften with movement and become almost a mold of your body!


Though trench coats vary in lengths, the traditional coat sits two-inches above the knee. Sleeves should be no longer than the first knuckle of the thumb and no shorter than the wrist bone. I ended up going for a traditional length, but opted for a slightly longer sleeve because I wanted to fold the sleeves up the show off the inside pattern.


Remember trench coats are classics and they can be worn and styled in so many different ways. I always collect trench coat outfit ideas and save them on Pinterest here. There are some great ways to incorporate colors and textures into a classic trench coat!

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