The Autumn Tag

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The Autumn Tag

What I Wore

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These little blog questionnaires are not something I ever really do. I’m always one that keeps to my little corner on the internet, doing things that are most convenient and comfortable for me. Though, it is my favorite of all seasons, and with this move to London many of you have ever so kindly reached out via social media or email to ask how my transition is going. It seemed only fitting to share a bit about myself. And so this post is a bit about myself and all my likings during the autumn season.

What is your favorite seasonal coffee drink?

After my cup of black americano in the morning, I usually refrain from consuming more caffeine throughout the day. Though autumn is always accompanied by a brisk breeze, and a chai is just enough warmth and sweetness.

what accessories do you look forward to wearing?

Scarves and cardigans with skinny belts! I always love the darker palette too. I go for a darker shade of nail polish. Outfits are adorned with leopard print flats too.

Any seasonal music?

A bit of Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and the like never hurts. Though a personal favorite evening tune with a glass of a dry Chianti would have to be Autumn in New York.

What candles will you be burning this season?

I love candles this time of the year, especially with a cup of tea and a new novel. My favorites for this time of the year are Ambre by Diptyque. And as autumn transitions into winter, I do love the natural perfumes of an evening fire.

Your favorite makeup look

For the day, a simple swipe of mascara, a rose-kissed cheek, and a subtle wine stained lip. The simplest cat-eye and the boldest, reddest lips for the evening is perfect.

What do you love most about autumn?

The idea of a new season, rejuvenation. The changing colors in the foliage, bundling up in the mornings and evenings, the darker hues and the romantic sunsets spilling over the cities. To me, it’s the most magical time of the year.

What are you looking most forward to this autumn?

That’s quite easy, spending my very first autumn in London! I have seen so many photographs of the transitioning season in the city and have experienced winter, but autumn is what I’m most excited about. The city is back to normal after the filtering of tourists in the summer and friends and family on holiday that it just seems like the season brings routine.

The Autumn Tag
The Autumn Tag

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