Monochrome Lilac Outfit

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Monochrome Lilac Outfit

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It’s difficult to add personality to work outfits. I feel as if I get stuck in this vortex that is black and white. Even without thinking, I end up wearing a combination of the same outfit and they’re still black, white, and gray. Since my work uniform is supposed to be a bit more conservative, I thought I would keep the silhouette and just change up the colors like this monochrome lilac outfit!

Surprisingly, this monochrome lilac outfit is one of those colors that feels like a bold color when you’re working in an office full of black and white. It’s also one of those colors that seamlessly does well within that color palette as it sits closer to gray. I’m going to try and go for more subtle colors like this and see what else I can get away with! Do you work in a conservative workplace and feel inhibited with what you can and can’t wear? What do you do about it? Would you wear something like this monochrome lilac outfit?

Monochrome Lilac Outfit
Monochrome Lilac Outfit
Monochrome Lilac Outfit

I won’t lie, but I’m not great at mixing outfits and pieces just yet. I’m hoping that adding this style section will force me to try new things and challenge me to incorporate items from my closet in different ways! I’m currently seeking different ways to add personality to my 9-to-5 style and this monochrome lilac outfit is one of them. Though it’s tricky for a corporate environment, I find subtle and luxe patterns are very effective to get some personality.

If you’re looking for another office outfit similar to this monochrome lilac outfit, then I highly suggest checking out this monochrome office outfit that is smart, buildable, and full of personality! In both outfits, I’ve incorporated different textures and subtle patterns and went for a color that still feels different among the black and white.

Monochrome Lilac Outfit

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