My Sweater Care Tips

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My Sweater Care Tips

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The mews around where I live are the absolute cutest. They portray quintessential London and one of my ultimate dwelling dreams is to be an inhabitant of one. They’re secluded little corners with little homes each with their own personality. Historically, many were stables where people kept their horses. If you go on my self guided Notting Hill tour, you’ll come across a mews that still have strong stable features! I decided on taking a little meander around my borough in West London on a gloomy afternoon just to get out for a bit. Wintery walks mean nice big wooly sweaters, so I wanted to share my sweater care tips.

Moving from one city to another and one country to another, I have adopted my sweater care tips that help me keep everything fresh, tidy, and looking like new year after year. If you’ve been on my blogging journey for a while, you’ll notice that I re-wear and mix up a lot of my clothes, so these sweater care tips have been tried and tested!

My Sweater Care Tips
My Sweater Care Tips

Remove Pills

One of thing things you’ll notice almost immediately as you wear any knits are all the bubbles forming on the sleeves and areas that get a lot of friction. Your sweaters will also start to shed and that is inevitable, so don’t worry about it! To remove the pills, lay the sweater flat and slice the pills with a very simple disposable razor like you would find in a hotel room. Just run it down the sweater. Your pressure can be a little hard if it’s a tightly knitted sweater, otherwise, be gentle and light. If you live somewhere where you often wear sweaters then I would go ahead and invest in a Gleener. It will get the pills out easily! The Feeke is also a great option for on the go!

Washing Tips

This is the most important sweater care tips. Wash every four wears unless you’re exposed to dirt, smoke, or have been sweating. Fill a sink or bucket with cool water, add an appropriate amount of Woolite delicate detergent and soak for about 30 minutes. Then gently twist the sweater to remove excess water and lay flat on a drying rack or towel to dry. Woolite helps get into the knits and won’t soak into the wool or threads so it holds in soap.

My Sweater Care Tips
My Sweater Care Tips


It’s best not to hang your sweaters as the hanger can stretch the shoulders or pierce the fabric. Folding and keeping the sweater in a drawer will help preserve the shape.

Stretched Sweaters

Stretched sweater care is my forte and my friends know it. Wet the areas that have shrunk with a spray bottle and run the sweater in a dryer on high heat. Just so you know, this doesn’t work on sweaters that completely shrunk, but ones that just morphed or changed shape a bit. Regardless, try not to wash or dry in a machine!


My sweaters get their own drawer and space in my closet throughout the colder seasons. I like to keep them folded up in a drawer and I add one cedar ball and a lavender sachet to keep them fresh and moth-free! For sweater care tips for when the warmer weather hits, I like to wash and dry my sweaters one last time before storing them away in a vacuum-sealed bag. A sealed bag will prevent any moisture or mildew from growing.

What are some of your own sweater care tips?

My Sweater Care Tips

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