5 Statement Accessories for Men

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5 Statement Accessories for Men

What He Wore

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My brother has been making subtle appearances because the poor guy has gone through a bit of a growth spurt recently. He’s also in the midst of a self-realization where he’s starting to understanding more of who he is. As an older sister, I can totally resonate what he’s going through as I too have been through similar experiences and I’m sure you all have to. It’s also my responsibility as an older sister to help my brother through this whatever the way he wants. He asked me two things. First, he needed a boost of confidence and a photo shoot can definitely help with that. The second thing he wanted was to help him figure out his wardrobe. My brother is into a lot of the classic trends, but he likes nice things. So, as the best older sister I helped him put together a few statement accessories for men to elevate his style! Here’s what we came up with for statement accessories for men!

5 Statement Accessories for Men

The Traditional Shoes & Watches

Shoes and watches are totally two things that are in every man’s closet, but to make it part of the statement accessories for men you need to elevate them a bit. Try to go for statement shoes like high tops or something with a fun color or pattern. Watches can be of all different shapes and sizes too!

Something Different with Socks & Ties

Men always wear scarves, socks, and ties. To elevant the look and add it to your reportoir of statement accessories for men why not add color, patterns, and materials? Opt for a bowtie and a pocket square instead of a tie. You can also go for a different material tie rather than your basic silk one.

Man Jewelry

This is going to take some time for my brother to warm up to but it’s part of the ultimate list of statement accessories for men. Jewelry for men can really bring an outfit together. Think about leather bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Go for a single statement piece and give it a try. I also like to add in either a tie clip or cuff links!

Now tell me what are some statement accessories for men you like or have styled with?

5 Statement Accessories for Men
5 Statement Accessories for Men

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