Monochrome Office Outfit

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Monochrome Office Outfit

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I think moving to London has really helped inspire my sartorial ambitions. I always felt a bit intimidated to try something out of the ordinary and worried that people would stare and judge. I grew up in a pretty suburban town full of tourists where fanny packs, floral shorts and tank tops over bathing suits was the norm. This limited me as I wanted to streamline my closet and maximize what I had, focusing on neutrals and classic styles.

I gave the monochrome office outfit a try and loved it so much. It spoke to playing with new style trends that were still speaking to a classic side and still appropriate for the office. A monochrome office outfit doesn’t have to be your standard pant suit, but it can incorporate different texture, little details, and make you look chic rather than frumpy.

Here are some tips to nailing the monochrome office outfit!

Monochrome Office Outfit

Tailored Pieces

Wearing tailored pieces are essential when putting together a monochrome office outfit. It helps steamline that look so it steps away from normal office outfits. I like to go for a tailored trouser because they can usually be a bit less figure flattering otherwise.

Mixing Textures

My trousers are a more crepe material whereas my jumper is a textured material. Adding texture will break up the outfit so you don’t look covered in just one color. Mixing textures in a monochrome office outfit will help break up the outfit to show off your figure and keep the outfit interesting.

Monochrome Office Outfit
Monochrome Office Outfit

Subtle Details

I love adding a bit of personality to an outfit, but currently I work in a conservative office setting. This means my ability to add lots of personality is limited. If you look at my jumper, you’ll see a slight puffed sleeve. I also add a bit of personality and youth to my outfit by embracing the flare in my trousers!

Accessories Game

Any monochrome office outfit can totally embrace accessories! I’ll wear shoes in a similar color palette, but not the same color as the outfit. I’ll keep my handbag a statement bag and then wear a few simple jewels that will add a nice dimension to the monochrome office outfit.

Monochrome Office Outfit
Monochrome Office Outfit

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