How To Choose Rosé Wine

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How To Choose Rosé Wine

With summer just around the corner that means my birthday is right there with the season, which means time to chill the rosé wine! It’s really easy to pick up a pretty bottle and then feel like the wine isn’t for you. I’ve teamed up with Della Tarra Wine Bar to share how to choose rosé wine that is perfect for you, your friends or guests, and any occassion. If you’re curious as to how to choose rosé wine then there’s really not much to it except for a few things! Before I dive in with the conneseurs tips on how to choose rosé wine, I thought I’d suggest the Vivino app! If you’re out in the shop, then it’s a great resource to have so you know what you’re getting when you find a bottle that might tickle your fancy.

How To Choose Rosé Wine
How To Choose Rosé Wine

Tip One

Rosé wine is not like your regular red wine where it gets better overtime. This isn’t the case for all rosé wines. In that case, select a bottle that is from the current vintage. The younger the wine the more freshness there is!

Tip Two

If you’re looking for sip on wine on a rooftop, in your garden, and in the afternoon then reach for an off-dry rosé wine. It’s usually a bit sweeter with a kick of acidity and change are those are below 12% alcohol level. Those are the best wines if you’re not looking to pair it with food and often the most popular when people are just looking to have it as an aperitif.

Tip Three

Since rosé wine can be super economical, pick up a few different bottles and give them a try! Most of the time I go for a sweeter one when I’m lounging around, but I’ll prefer a dry rosé if I’m looking to pair it with a simple dinner. It’s always best to try a few options to see what works best for you in the moment. Experimentation is key and always fun!

Tip Four

Rule of thumb usually is that the deeper the pink hue the more body and complex the wine is. Blush, or Vin Gris, are the palest in color and those are the ones that do not go through pre-fermentation. If you’re trying to figure out how to choose rosé wines as a red wine drinker, then definitely go for a wine that is darker in hue.

Tip Five

Like any wine you plan on drinking, understand the grape variety! South of France rosé wines are a blend of different grapes. If you go to your local grocery store, you may notice that your local shop will carry rosé wines that are made from Syrah, Pinot Noir, and Malbec grapes. If you’re a Pinot Noir fan, then give that variety a chance!

Those are the easiest tips I can give you for how to choose rosé wines. One of the best experiences I had when it came to trying good rosé was when I went to Carcassone! What are your thoughts? Have you ever had a really good rosé wine?

How To Choose Rosé Wine

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