The Best Cape Town Wine Day Trips to Stellenbosch

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The Best Cape Town Wine Day Trips to Stellenbosch

On one of the days we were visiting and going through our list of things to do in Cape Town, my friend and I decided to venture out to the neighboring Cape Town wine region and it was one of the best experiences we had on our trip to South Africa! If you know anything about the surrounding of Cape Town wine culture, you’ll know that Stellenbosch is a university town in the Western Cape that is surrounded by Cape Winelands. South African wine is growing in prominence. Though we were only able to make it to Stellenbosch and the Fraanschhoek Valley in Paarl, I had fallen for the crisp whites and velvety reds the regions exposed me to. Surprisingly our Cape Town wine experince was one of the best there is according to our hotel clerk. So I wanted to share the two best from Cape Town wine tours you can take.

The Best Cape Town Wine Day Trips to Stellenbosch
The Best Cape Town Wine Day Trips to Stellenbosch
The Best Cape Town Wine Day Trips to Stellenbosch

A little about the Cape Winelands

Our tour was organized to visit select vineyards that gave us a review of the region and the specialized wines. From 24 samples to endless little bits of cheese and fruits, there was an array of grapes that South Africa produces. Bold reds and sweet sparkling whites and everything in between. The Western Cape, where we visited, is most prominent in wine production as it sits at 17th in terms of area planted with vines and with its massive production of a huge variety of wines, South Africa is considered one of the top 10 countries in wine production.

We visited Stellenbosch, located just 45-kilometres east of Cape Town, housed between mountains and valleys. The climate parallels that of Bordeaux making it perfect to product some of the best reds and dense whites in the country. My favorite was the Pinotage, but the Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are the most prominent of the region. At the peaks of the mountains, vineyards also specialize in Chenin Blanc.

Our last vineyard visit was in Paarl in the Franschhoek Valley. The autumn leaves had made their appearance, the grass damp, and the air brisk and humid. The soil though, was quite pungent, which I knew meant for an incredible selection of wine. Most of the selection in Paarl is vintage since winemaking expertise were brought over from the French Huguenot Settlers. Their full-bodied and flavored wines in incomparable to that of the world.

The Best Cape Town Wine Day Trips to Stellenbosch

The Best Cape Town Wine Tour for Wine Lovers!

If you’re a wine lover, then this Stellenbosch wine tour is the best deal for you! You will be picked up from your accommodation and dropped off too, which makes it easy to enjoy more wine! I love that this tour taught and encouraged you to try and understand the wines with pairings.

We were given an assortment of cheese, cured meats, a traditional braai, and artisanal chocolates! The group isn’t too big where it doesn’t feel like an intimate experience and you visit 5 different estates where 1 is particularly popular among locals mostly. For the price, you get more than what you think you signed up for and it’s worth it!

The Best Cape Town Wine Tour for Culture Lovers!

If you’re one of those travelers who truly enjoys an immersive experience with food, culture, and adventure then this Winelands tour is perfect for you! It starts off with beautiful views of the Cape Winelands and you get to experience historical towns of Stellenbosch, Franschoek and Paarl.

We were taken to multiple cellars, had three wine tastings, and one cheese tasting. Along with a tasting you get an in-depth tour and guide through the Winelands. This tour is perfect if you’re not looking for a heavy wine tasting experience and want to explore more of the off-the-beaten path parts of the Western Cape!

The Best Cape Town Wine Day Trips to Stellenbosch
The Best Cape Town Wine Day Trips to Stellenbosch
The Best Cape Town Wine Day Trips to Stellenbosch

You have to try Cape “Port”

South African wine has a long history of specializing in fortified wines, which are more sweet and almost “syrupy”. Though not my favorite, they sit among the favorite of some of my friends. Perfect for a cold winter day after a hearty meal. The ports, closely parallel their Portuguese counterparts, are made from a variety of grapes and cherries blended with fragrant spices and aged in woods.

Pair Cape ports with desserts or after a very savory meal. Your cheese platter should include gorgonzola, almonds and dried fruits. Ports from South Africa should be the center of attention, so paired deserts should include semi-sweet chocolates, red fruit or chocolate mousse and fresh cherry pie.

The Best Cape Town Wine Day Trips to Stellenbosch

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The Best Cape Town Wine Day Trips to Stellenbosch

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