Everyday Jewelry Care Tips

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Everyday Jewelry Care Tips

It was on the day I moved to university that my parents gifted me my pearl studs I wear almost daily. Then came graduation from my Masters program and that’s when they gifted me with such a simple, timeless ring. Both of these are momentous gifts that are everlasting in both style and quality. I know these are possessions that I will cherish and will want to pass down so it seemed fitting to understanding the everyday jewelry care tips that goes behind the ring, earrings, and any other jewelry with such importance. After speaking to a jeweler who specializes in Name Necklaces, I’ve put together a quick post on everyday jewelry care tips that are worth keeping with you.

Everyday Jewelry Care Tips
Everyday Jewelry Care Tips
Everyday Jewelry Care Tips


Apply lotion, cosmetics, hairspray and lotions before putting on your jewelry. And when you’re undressing, be sure to lightly wipe your jewels to rid any oil or sweat. Be sure to get jewels fixed immediately if they break.


Wear jewelry whilst completing housework or gardening as cleaning products can effect the metal. Avoid swimming in pools or hot tubs that contain chlorine as well as any chemicals.

Everyday Jewelry Care Tips


I use soft make-up brushes to rid any dust or dirt particles. Then pick up jewelry wipes to clean off the metals as well as mild-detergent and water for diamonds. It’s important to clean your everyday jewelry regularly as the metal and gemstones can dull.


I like to place my everyday jewels in a velvet-laced jewelry box like pictured above. This prevents any tarnish or scratches. Always store pearls in soft velvet pouches.


Get jewelry professionally cleaned once a year and pearls should be restrung if you wear it often. Some gemstones should not be exposed to extreme sunlight and/or temperature, so it’s important to know your pieces.

Do you have any everyday jewelry care tips or tricks you follow?

Everyday Jewelry Care Tips

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