How to Nail the 70s Outfit Trend

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How to Nail the 70s Outfit Trend

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As you know from the sartorial archives of c&é that trends are not my forte. Sometimes it’s because of cost, but other times it’s because I don’t see the longevity in many of those pieces. I prefer to collect pieces in my closet that I knew will see me through multiple seasons and inspire me to style in different ways. I’ve had this DVF dress for a while in my closet and have styled and mixed it so many different ways! I love the feminine peasant details and the silk material is timeless. It’s a dress that can be layered or simply worn with a chunky heel leather boots and a classic fedora to pursue a 70s outfit trend!

Everywhere I lived in my life from Florida to Ohio to DC, style was a uniform. The girls wore uggs and north face jackets at university, DC was adorned with a blazer atop typical east coast sorority girl trends, and Florida with its pukka shell necklaces and Old navy colorful flip-flops. So now walking through the streets of London, where people are incredibly diverse, the sartorial uniform differs from person-to-person. It seemed fitting to try new things and embrace the style with a bit of 70s outfit trend.

How to Nail the 70s Outfit Trend
How to Nail the 70s Outfit Trend
How to Nail the 70s Outfit Trend

How to Nail the 70s Outfit Trend

Find Your Icon

When I’m putting together a 70s outfit then I scour the internet for visual inspiration pulling photos of the classics who are Jane Birkin, Jackie Kennedy, Jean Shrimpton, Cher, Farrah Fawcett and more. The 1970s continues to influence the catwalks today and high street fashon trends. They bring out the best in us!

Make it Boho

It’s sometimes easier to just pull out all the bohomian items from your closet and see what you’ve got going! Anything that resembles chunky knits, floral dresses, clog heels, peasant details are all bits that I’m sure you can muster up without having to purchase too much.

Add Accent Pieces

I think the accent pieces truly make or break any 70s outfit trend look. I prefer to choose between a silk scarf, a vintage-style top handle bag, fedora, chunky hoop earrings, cowboy ankle boots, or socks with clogs! If you’re not trying to be too subtle, then go a combination of these!

Master the Material

If you’re layering, then don’t hold yourself back from mixing up the materials! The 70s outfit trend can be achieved by using materials like corduroy, denim, suede, and crepe or sheer. I also love combining these with gold or beaded jewelry along with leather shoes or anything with croc or snakeskin style.

Queue in the Color

One thing you’ll immediately notice from the photo inspiration you pull for a 70s outfit look is that everything is a bold gem color. From mustard, cinnamon, and maroon. I like to keep the outfit dark and bold in hue. You wil also notice that all the colors will magically and so seamlessly go well with another too.

Understanding the Pattern

There are plenty of amazing patterns to achieve the 70s outfit trend! Something croc or snakeskin is great for shoes, Missoni’s infamous vertical stripes is very 70s inspired. Floral , chevron, and repetitive shapes are also very fun! I went for a simpler 70s outfit look, so simple peasant details did it for me!

How to Nail the 70s Outfit Trend
How to Nail the 70s Outfit Trend
How to Nail the 70s Outfit Trend

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