Going Off Grid

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proper holiday {n.} no social media, no blogging, no laptops, not on call; completely off the grid.

It feels like I’ve been working for months and months straight with very little room to bring in personal life. Sure weekends include nights out, but the days are quite productive. And when Sunday hits, the usual stresses of Monday morning starts to trickle in. I try to involve way too much on my plate from a morning workout, a 20 minute oil pulling routine at some point and then the daily deadlines and meetings you’re all too familiar with from my social shares. Day in and day out, my daily uniform includes some sort of a dress + heels combination. I’m a bit numb to my daily sartorial musings as it’s more important for me to dive straight into my to do list and be herded by my PA. Days are long and the mornings are unfortunately becoming longer. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago, having a casual chat on Instagram with an acquittance did I realize it must have been a while since I had a proper holiday.

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Going Off Grid
Going Off Grid
Going Off Grid

We’re stuck in this hyperconnected world where there is a need to always be in contact with the digital world. Most of my “holidays” end up turning into blog collaborations or content and I’m obsessed with finding suitable wifi connection for me to upload my snapchats and instagrams. I see the world through iPhone and camera lenses and I think it’s time that I give my eyes a bit of a pixel detox. Basically a stranger opened my eyes to the notion that a weekend detox does actually exist. I questioned repercussions, possible consequences and drafted a rough mental to do list as to what I needed to do to prepare for jumping off the grid for essentially 3 nights. Scratch that, it will probably be more like 4 nights. I dug hard to figure out when it last was that I had this ‘proper holiday’ and you would think this was some easy feat. I thought it was way back when I was in Syria in 2009, but that was actually a study abroad trip. Maybe it was when I was in Jamaica in 2012? Or was that in 2011? Nope, I ended up using that as an opportunity to learn manual photography and then document it for the blog. Oh, then I thought maybe Spain in 2011-who am I kidding? I learnt tapas to document on the blog too. Or the time I was in Paris just a little over a year ago? Nah, I was on call for work and ended up hosting conference calls in the mornings. So I decided to go back to pre-blog and pre-job days and that is when I ended up on 2008 when my family took a trip to Dubai and Delhi a 13 day adventure. Yup, that was the last time I had a ‘proper holiday’. And so I booked a holiday for a weekend and am going off the grid in November before I dive into a huge project to be launched here later in the month of November.

I digress…

I decided to share this outfit + a video to share with you what my daily attire consists of when I am on the grid and well-connected with the world on the other side of my mobile device. Black dresses and leather bomber jackets have been my jam lately. Sometimes paired with new trainers or the opposite as exemplified. Classic office elegance that can never fail you and quite easy to go from office-to-client dinner. I love the lace detailing that goes just over the knee as it’s equally romantic and conservative. Pair it with shape wear for the dress to fall and fit in the right spots, I chose to wear the full slip shapewear underneath and it helped form the silhouette of the dress.

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