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the summer bucketlist

So I’m currently sitting my own puddle of sweat because summer in London can be brutal at times. Literally dying over the heat, and barely summer, that London is experiencing right now. And before some of you go off on one about how 87F/31C isn’t that bad, think about sitting in a building meant for winter weather and no air conditioning. Alas, I’ve put on my Arabic music playlist and listening to Amr Diab on repeat pretending I’m in the Middle East to justify the sweltering sun and the heat that accompanies…

But I digress, with the summer in London happening in full force, I wanted to take advantage of my time here. Last year I spent much of my time out and about enjoying the night scene quite extensively-this year I plan on enjoying the typical summer musings the city has to offer. So here’s my checklist for summer in London.

dress MAJE shoes CASTAÑER via NET-A-PORTER basket bag c/o THE BEAUX STORE sunnies c/o ANTHROPOLOGIE special thanks to @BYVANESSALEIGH

Summer in London
Summer in London
Summer in London


Kaffeine One thing this country is good at doing is doing hot drinks right. Iced drinks have been hard to find however especially iced coffee. I only stumbled upon Kaffeine’s iced coffee the other day by accident after needing something to quench my thirst with a hit of caffeine. They cool the espresso with milk or water and then top off in an ice cold glass. This way you’re not drinking some diluted coffee liquid.

Sandows I headed to meet my friend for coffee last week at Lundenweic. A cute corner cafe in the heart of the theatre district and middle of King’s College London. I opted for a cold brew drink in the coolest whiskey-like bottle. It’s fresh coffee and filtered water, brewed slowly, without heat to extract minimal acidity-nutty, chocolatey, and fragrant.

Addie’s Thai Thailand is known for it’s iced coffee! I’m a big sugar fan and if you’re looking for a bit of indulgence or even a hangover cure, I used to frequent Addie’s Thai when I lived in the area for their Thai iced coffee. Not your typical cold brew, so it feels like a delight. A great summer in London indulgence!


Nomad Cinema Not gonna lie, I’ve lost faith in humanity lately with all the politics and affairs going on worldwide. When I heard that Nomad Cinema was a social enterprise where proceeds go to charity. The vibes are relaxed and the setting is sprinkled with fairy lights. Date night, anyone?

Rooftop Film Club With multiple locations set in the parts of London that can be pretty much convenient for anyone, it’s probably the most organized set up when it comes to rooftop cinema fun. Tickets can be a bit steep, but you’re getting your monies worth through cocktails, BBQ and bottomless popcorn.

Hyde Park Festival London is great when it comes to free events! One thing I need to do more of is taking advantage of those. When the summer months hit, Hyde Park Festival commences with concerts and events. Though there is a ticket for that, there is a few days of fee free mayhem and it includes an outdoor cinema experience!

picnic in the park

London is pretty incredible with its abundance of green spaces. I only really realized that when I was back in NYC last month and missed the little spaces of serenity that you can escape to. My fondest and earliest memory of London is coming together with new friends in St. James’ Park and eating ice cream made of Jersey cow milk! A must do for summer in London.

rooftop drinks

Rumpus Room I went here just as it started getting warmer in London in the spring. Re-imagined cocktails, a decent wine list and a live DJ. The vibes are sophisticated and the venue is chilled. The rooftop is quite vast, not boasting a particular view, but it’s for the fresh air and the libations at the end of the day, no?

Boundary Rooftop I hosted my first birthday party in London here and went back quite a few times. It’s the place to go for inventive cocktails {salted caramel julep} or beer. It’s very East London relaxed rooftop views meets a subtle luxury of being quite central and among the best bit of Shoreditch, in my humble opinion of course.

Pergola on the Roof Okay, I haven’t been here and was planning on going last year though woke up hungover after a crazy night out {full disclosure there}. Supposedly a summer pop-up only and very insta-friendly. It has become the most visited and must visit rooftop in London! I actually just made a booking for my crew near the end of summer!

on the gelato hunt

And speaking of ice cream above, I noticed lots of gelato places popping up here and there. My favorite {and discovered last year} was Amorino with their flower-inspired ice cream cones. Gelupo is beautifully branded and one that isn’t foreign to Londoners. They use low fat milk to bring up density, so their naturally sourced ingredients pack in a lot of flavor in each spoonful! Finally, I want to try out La Gelatiera plainly because it is the simplest shop with the longest queue.

Summer in London
Summer in London

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