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I usually meet with Zahra and Sade once a week whilst in London and then in Paris make a point to meet with Ylenia. In the kitchen, there is always something to learn and perfect, as proven with Katie and Charlotte for #FeastByThree. We exchange trade secrets, insight and definitely provide our own resources for our own practice, but to also to share. We collaborate and work together to build and prosper our industry by building strong content and to further, help the other excel.

It was only later this year did I remember that the purpose of “collaborating” with your competitors is important. No, not to exchange viewers and followers, but to provide our own insight and help the other build a repertoire that enriches the industry.

A few months back, Sade and I shared a post featuring the same dress against a British quintessential backdrop completely shot my Zahra on a fine Sunday morning before the locals headed out to saunter to brunch. Zahra’s perspective is always something just a bit different and a lot more of what my brand needs {a little surprise}, it is now the most watched video on my YouTube channel.

Sade and I continue to consult with one another when it comes to collaborations. We have similar aesthetics when it comes to conceptualizing our films and “stories.” Her eye for art and creativity is unparalleled.

Ylenia, a fashion photographer based in Paris, is leagues ahead of me. And though she has properly marinated in the industry, she still finds my energy inspiring and uplifting {according to her}. She has, on countless times, gone out of her way to help pave a path for me and I can’t thank her enough. And if you’re curious, she has shot me here!

How to
How to

what Supal wore


what Vinitha wore


How to

Meet Vinitha

bloginstagram strong and independent with an eye for traditional meeting the modern eye. She loves anything revolving food, a good chat and endless laughs. Not a dating profile.

It was only in the last 6 months or so, Vinitha and I started chatting through instagram and found that our energies were identical. We wanted and demanded the same things in life and though similar in work ethic, we had experiences in different things. We continued to chat about our upbringings, where we went and came from, what inspires and influences us, and came to the conclusion that something was necessary to combine “our forces.”

As we chatted, our personal versus professional lives’ paths were similar and though I may have had more experience in one, she was leagues ahead in another. Both of us are in that corner in life where we’re trying to make the next big step, but in which direction we’re still trying to figure out.

How to
How to
How to
How to
How to

Life is nebulous and competition is the only game we know. As we continue to evolve, the world makes room for new complexities and industries and series. One thing that I’ve seen as of lately is that people are entirely too caught up in their own world and on moving forward and on gaining power (be it through followers, profit, or income). And to be completely transparent with you, but one thing I’ve been asked ruthlessly over the last 8 months is “how have you gotten all this?”

The truth is:

  • I listen to myself and my body. What it demands and requires and feed it accordingly. I force my mind to stop and my body to meditate and it has done wonders on keep me mentally and physically fit.
  • Being ruthless with my life as I continue to grow, my needs become different and you must just realize that somethings and people just come and out of your life. That’s what we live for.
  • Partnership was the biggest thing though. I surround myself by my competitors and come up with ways on how I can barter with them. Providing my uniqueness to their repertoire. That has taught me to be grateful, humble, and open-minded.
  • Keeping my mind open to learning new things and acknowledging that there is always something to learn from someone no matter what age.

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