Things I Stock Up On Throughout the Year

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Things I Stock Up On Throughout the Year

One thing I wanted to do this year, before all the mayhem really begins, is give a deeper look into my personal life. I asked and you all told me that you want to know more about the products I use, the personal highs and lows of expat life, and general glimpse of my life in London. I don’t blame you for wanting that as insta-life tends to seem picture perfect, but there is actually so much more happening behind the scenes.

When looking back at my accounts and finances recently, I realized that there are a few things that I consistently purchase things throughout the year. Fail safe, something that I know will fit the wallet and my needs, and I absolutely adore the brand and/or the item.

Things I Stock Up On Throughout the Year
Things I Stock Up On Throughout the Year

Pukka Detox Tea

This is one of two things in my life that I have been using for years! I was introduced to the Pukka detox tea whilst at St. Andrews and it literally changed my life. I grew up with a good amount of stomach issues and still suffer when my wellbeing is not balanced. It’s my favorite travel companion too! I have a cup of the Pukka Detox Tea every night an hour or so before bed and it helps me digest my food with its natural ingredients. It has helped me bounce back on trips after long-haul flights or dense foods. I even got my friends and family hooked on it! {Buy it here!}

Things I Stock Up On Throughout the Year
Things I Stock Up On Throughout the Year

Cosabella Cotton Underwear

Call me a grandma, but I’m not too keen to wear lace and elaborate underwear. I do wear seamless when I have to and resort to thongs and other similar varieties if the outfit demands it, otherwise, I prefer traditional cotton underwear. It’s healthier for your sensitive region and are the best when you’re skipping about town all day or traveling through a city. I’ve bought Cosabella underwear for just over a year now as I was looking for something that was high quality, long lasting and has a cute little detail.

the beauty edit

Once I love something, it’s hard for me to try something else really. Beauty things are just that. You all probably have seen these products all over my social media and on previous blog posts, but it’s always fun to reiterate, no?

Charlotte Tilbury ‘Amazing Grace’ // buy it here

It was 3 years ago that I was sent a tube of this lipstick and I haven’t looked back. It’s natural enough to wear during the day or I pair it with a smokey eye in the evening {day-to-night anyone?}. It goes on matte, covering my purple lip pigmentation, but also hydrates as that is something I struggle with. To top it off, most of my friends have converted to this shade and now I’m on my 5th tube.

Cortas Rosewater // buy it here

A year before I moved to London and just after graduating from St. Andrews about 4 years ago, my body went through hormonal change and my skin started breaking out. From someone who never suffered from skin issues, I was devastated and often hid my face. Along with topical derma-logical treatment, I started looking at natural ways to treat my skin too. Rosewater became a major item in my life. I used it to tone my face twice a day, kept a small spray bottle of it to spritz mid-day and even poured a bit of it in my water that I drank. Rose is an anti-bacterial, it’s all natural {this brand doesn’t use sugar and just pure rose petals and water}, and it has great components to even your skin and closing pores. It’s a skincare item I swear by.

Things I Stock Up On Throughout the Year
Things I Stock Up On Throughout the Year

Zoya Nail Polish top coat // buy it here

Literally the ONLY nail polish you will ever see me wear. My mom and I were speaking last night about how much we love the Zoya and the range. I tend to paint my nails often because of shoots and events, my mom has a budding social life that requires her to do the same, and we both love the results. For me, the top coat is my honey pot. I don’t think I have ever come across a top coat that protects my manicure so well during the winter, I can layer it on to protect my manicure for up to 9 days, and it is so gentle on the nail that it leaves my beds stronger than before applying any polish. I go through a bottle every three months!

Nuxe Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse // buy it here

When I first went to Paris in August 2015, I made a visit to a pharmacy naturally. The french beauty ranges are usually really delicate, contains no chemicals and affordable. Whilst speaking to one of the store managers about what to try, she gave me a small bag of samples, which included a little bottle of the Nuxe dry oil. Fast forward to today and I literally have 8 different uses for this dry oil and go through a bottle a month. If I were stuck on a desert island and had to take one beauty product, it would be this! The holy grail for skin, lips, nails and hair! PS - I will be doing a video on how I use the Nuxe dry oil next month, so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Breton Tees

I used to joke with my old flatmate that I had a problem when it came to breton tees. There is literally a whole little section in my wardrobe just for striped shirts of different varieties and I can’t shake them. I try to keep only 3-4 and find myself gravitating towards them in shops or online. They’re the best when you’re in an outfit rut, traveling or just throwing something on when you’re in a rush. I love how they can be paired with anything in any way.

Favorite Breton Bits

Long SleevesMake a StatementThe StandardPrintedThe Dress Knitted JumperRelaxed Fit

So there you have it! My favorite things to stock up throughout the year!

Things I Stock Up On Throughout the Year
Things I Stock Up On Throughout the Year

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