Things to Make You Happy

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Things to Make You Happy

I’m one of those sappy people who loves Valentine’s Day. Honestly, I haven’t really spent the hallmark holiday to celebrate with a significant other, but I used Valentine’s Day to treat myself… just a bit more. And as most of you know from my recent vlogs, I’ve been struggling with focusing on myself. If it’s not work, then it’s blog, and if it’s not blog, it’s work. It’s a brutal cycle really, one that I need to steer away from, but find it impossible. Valentine’s Day, however, has always been that one day where I focused on me purely for the purpose of self-loving. Although, 2018 has made me into one of those people {or at least it is slowly} where I’m focusing more and more on myself and my own happiness. So, this is what I do for me and you can file it under things to make you happy…

Things to Make You Happy
Things to Make You Happy

fresh flowers

I only started this when I moved to St. Andrews, which is full of gorgeous blooms in the spring and summer. On weekends, the streets usually fill of local farmers who adorn their tables with various shrubs and wild flowers. Since Scotland was dark 99% of the {very long} winter, I would get succulents and then would pick up single stems in the spring and summer {since I was on a major student budget}. I loved how it made me feel and it added such grace to my dungeon-like dorm. Today, I tend to treat myself to a small bouquet once a month and it’s such a nice feeling to wake up with the sun shining and bunch of blooms just staring at you.

forget my phone

I think I’ve mentioned this in my work-life balance post, but I try to incorporate at least one activity a week where I totally forget about my phone: be it going out for cocktails with the girlfriends, going to go watch a film, spending time with someone special {wink wink}! Sometimes it helps to even turn my phone on airplane mode for a few hours as I do something and then use all my willpower to avoid going on my phone. It’s the simple things to make you happy!

Things to Make You Happy

what I wore

tshirt c/o BAUKJEN jeans JOULES scarf JOULES watch c/o LARSSON & JENNINGS jewelry J. LAUREN flats c/o BODEN lipstick AMAZING GRACE by CHARLOTTE TILBURY nailpolish JORDAN c/o ZOYA NAIL POLISH

nice bedding & pajamas

If there is one thing I love, it is anything to do with bedtime. Surprisingly enough, not only do I not sleep a lot, but I also find sleep a bit… boring? I know, I’m crazy. One thing I do love, and my friends can confirm this, is that I love a good pair of pajamas and bedding. I sleep on Egyptian cotton and sleep in Italian silk. Since I have always moved and rented, I thought the best possible way to have something that was truly “mine” was nice bedding. It’s a little splurge that makes coming home worthwhile.

Things to Make You Happy
Things to Make You Happy

invest in skincare

Again, something I only recently started doing and focusing on, but I’ve now been saving my pennies to buy nice skincare. I look for gentler products made primarily in France, South Korea and Switzerland as they usually work with ingredients that I fully understand and you can find in your own backyards. From applying SPF daily to making sure I properly clean my face every night, it has been such an interesting journey as skincare is something that his given me insight on how much of city forces, my diet and everything around me impacts it. Confidence is things to make you happy!

being spontaneous

Okay, yes I do schedule my life completely. Love a good calendar event when trying to get something in with the girls, but I recently started letting things go and working itself out. Sometimes even planning a little day trip last minute, or forgoing all my daily plans to just stay in bed and Netflix. It really has helped me understand me and take on my wellbeing. The excitement keeps me inspired and has really produced some great results!

Remember these things can make you happy in the longterms as well as the short term. Focus on goals and ideas that have longevity and make it exciting during the process too! What are some things to make you happy?

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