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I haven’t done one of these in so long. Usually, the beginning of the year doesn’t really call for a life update and honestly, with the introduction to more personal content {i.e. my weekly vlogs}, I didn’t think I really needed to update. But I thought this bit of an update would be a great way to reflect on how things are going before the first quarter comes to an end, no? So here we go…

plant-based diet

I mentioned in a vlog a few weeks back that I wanted to be more conscious about what I was consuming and thus tried to adjust my diet to be a bit more plant-based. Instead of the same saga that every blogger outlines with having an ‘upset gut’ and ‘bloated belly,’ I’m just trying to keep my skin issues under control. I’m a very neglectful person, despite being fairly regimented, I tend to eat whatever I please and often wake up with rashes or breaking out in hives. So I decided to grab a notebook and start journaling to figure out what I’m reacting to and eat accordingly. For someone who leads a fairly hectic lifestyle, it isn’t fun to have to operate whilst suffering.

The whole plant-based thing isn’t 100%, I decided to be completely plant-based at home only and have seen such an enormous difference in my reactions, body and even thought-process. My rosacea has been the most controlled I’ve ever had it {since being off of medication}, my indigestion has curbed and now I’m looking into what exactly I’m consuming. I do need to find a better alternative to protein and figure out how to not be so dependent on fruit {lots of sugar there}.

Life Lately
Life Lately

What I Wore

trousers c/o BODEN top LILLY PULITZER heels BODEN purse COACH coat BODEN jewelry J. LAUREN


At the beginning of the year, or maybe it was December, I asked about running tips on Instagram Stories. From what to wear to how to pace myself to tips on how to building up stamina, it was quite a conversation. I started off strong and then quickly realized I wasn’t in love with running.

I meandered towards doing my own HIIT workouts at home or at the park and then trying out Classpass. I didn’t really love Classpass partly because most of the workout classes in London are not that challenging for me. I’m now trying to get back to running as I realized it was probably the miserable weather keeping me down. The last few days were sunny and it was a lot nicer to be out and doing things then.

Life Lately
Life Lately


As I explained countless times, I have had to deal with some personal admin before I could travel again. In all honesty, I think I was a bit burnt out from my stint of a few months of travel last year. When I travel I act as a blogger and consultant, so days get a bit intense and thus tiring. Factor in the stress associated with travel and it just doesn’t make it worth it sometimes. Lately, however, I’ve been trying to read for leisure and been dabbling a bit in historical fiction again. The historical context + use of imagery has me inspired and itching to explore new corners of the world.

If you’re looking for an author to really inspire you, check out Orhan Pamuk. The romance in which he explains Turkey is unbelievable.

work-life balance

Actually, for the first time in my life, I think I’m winning at this! There have been a few additions and changes in my personal life recently and it has taught me to slow down and enjoy the moment. Part of that has been to acknowledge that I’m enjoying what I’m doing and therefore really accomplishing a lot everyday. In addition, I have visibly seen a difference in my work ethic and product since taking a break and actually find truth in the whole “taking a break is a productive step.” I still work on the weekends, but limit it to just a few hours rather than a whole day or entire weekend. Baby steps, no?

motivation & inspiration

I’m finally seeing my motivation and enthusiasm towards projects coming back. I guess it’s that things are at a different pace now and far more challenging, so I find the strength to build and persevere. I’ve been trying to do different activities like yoga, science-related museum exhibitions and various personal challenges {again, exemplified through my weekly vlogs} to keep myself inspired.

Near the end of last year, I kept using Instagram and daily nuances as a way to inspire me, but that just didn’t lead to anything new, dynamic or exciting. Working outside of the box has encouraged me to try new things and thus has led to a few opportunities that I’ll be sharing here starting next week!

Is there anything I need to cover? Either way, what have you been up to?

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