Luxury Shopping Experience at Bicester Village

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an unforgetting luxury designer shopping experience

I have always grown up wanting a lot of things, but waited-saved-had a good think before making any purchase. My thought process to purchasing anything was always well sought out and it started with my grandfather giving my brother and I $1 between the two of us to spend on anything in the convenient store {where he went to pick up juice for himself after a long walk}. I would diligently look through all the options, considered what lasted the longest and then made a decision. It was always 1 packet of Wrigley’s double mint chewing gum and then pocketing the other quarter for my piggy bank the shape of a teddy bear.

Since becoming an adult, I’ve taken the same saving-thinking method when treating myself to luxury things like handbags and shoes! Being in London means all the latest trends and designer boutiques are right at your fingertips. It can be a bit overwhelming especially when doing shopping for the family and friends when going back home, preparing for festivities {like Ramadan, Diwali or Christmas}, and even just treating yourself to a luxury designer handbag. With that said, I’ve started frequenting Bicester Village more over the last year and a half and have continued to take family there visiting me from the Middle East and India. All the same brands from Regent’s Street and boutiques from Mayfair, but better deals and half the chaos.

Luxury Shopping Experience at Bicester Village
Luxury Shopping Experience at Bicester Village

How to get to Bicester Village from London

There is literally a no-fuss train from London Marylebone station that sits in a really cute part of town. I highly suggest grabbing a coffee and warm croissant from one of the many cafes around and then grabbing a late morning train towards Oxford to Bicester Village with Chiltern Railways. Barely an hour on the train and you’re dropped off at the foot of the shops!

Once you’re at the station, you will find signs in English, Arabic and Mandarin to guide you as well as staff with a lot more language skills! And then your luxury shopping experience begins!

Bicester Village App

The trains to Bicester Village actually have great wifi service making it fairly easy to surf the internet on your mobile device. I also got a bit of work done! You can, if you’re ambitious like me, can plan out your day on the Bicester Village app itself. Equipped with a map, information and settings to change the language—it makes shopping a lot less intimidating and effective.

Personally, I love the scrolling through the home section of the app as it outlines latest trends and seasonal offers. You can download the app via the app store here to make your luxury shopping experience easy.

Download the app


Luxury Shopping Experience at Bicester Village
Luxury Shopping Experience at Bicester Village

VIP card

If you’re that efficient shopper like me, you’ll find a way to a VIP card exclusively for Bicester Village. It contains an additional discount for all the designers and shops up to 60%. If you’re staying locally to Bicester Village then the hotel concierge will provide you an invitation that can get you access to a VIP card from the Bicester Visitor Centre. Otherwise, be sure to register on the Bicester Village website to get details on how to get your hands on one! They’re great especially when making big purchases. It’s the feasibility for making a luxury shopping experience enjoyable.

Hands-Free Luxury Shopping Experience

One thing Bicester Village has not limited itself, that is the luxury shopping experience you get. From the customer service you get in any Gucci shop around the world, you will get that there. If you’ve got lots to shop and do, the hands-free shopping is the best bet! Seamlessly go in and out of shops and just pick everything up before you leave so you’re not lugging it around the entire day.

Luxury Shopping Experience at Bicester Village
Luxury Shopping Experience at Bicester Village

What I Wore

dress c/o BODEN flats c/o BODEN purse KATE SPADE NEW YORK nailpolish BRANDI c/o ZOYA NAIL POLISH

Currency Services

One of my favorite features when taking family over to Bicester Village. One of the most hassle-free VAT refund experiences I have ever had was at Bicester Village. Not only does ChangeGroup offer currency exchange accommodating more than 40 currencies around the world, but also offers VAT refunds in your preferred currency right at the Village. All you have to do is ask for the refund forms at the time of purchase. This is a key thing to note for a winning luxury shopping experience.

Dining at Bicester Village

I always get a latte from Pret, a cheeky treat from one of the many pop-ups they have going on and then end on a high note at Farmshop after a full day of shopping. We started off with cocktails and pressed juices, an assortment of offerings for any and every dietary needs. The mains came in abundance, flavorful and seasonal—which makes the experience all that more authentic. And ending on a high note with homemade apple pie (tip: ask them when the next batch will be made and wait for it with a tea or coffee).

Luxury Shopping Experience at Bicester Village
Luxury Shopping Experience at Bicester Village
Luxury Shopping Experience at Bicester Village

This post was in collaboration with Bicester Village, but all opinions and thoughts are my own.

So, there’s your guide to luxury designer shopping if London is just too much for you. It’s really not much of a distance from London Marylebone, makes for a great day trip for some fresh air and brings all the accommodations you’re looking for when doing your luxury shopping when in London.

Luxury Shopping Experience at Bicester Village
Luxury Shopping Experience at Bicester Village

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