Inflight Self-Care Tips

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Inflight Self-Care Tips

Bringing Out My Inflight Self-Care Tips…

Now that I’ve kicked up the traveling {I’m currently in Turkey and you’ll be hearing ALL about it next week}, I thought I would share my inflight self-care routine with you. Last year I ended up on a dozen long haul flights. Those flights definitely have massive impact on your wellbeing, health and hair/skin. I started off fairly weak when making that first long haul flight as I has no idea what I was doing to cater to myself. By the end, I was a pro! Here’s what works for me and I would love to know what tips you have.

PS - these photos were shot in my Istanbul AirBNB, which you can find here!

Inflight Self-Care Tips
Inflight Self-Care Tips

What I Wore

stripe shirt BAUKJEN bottoms H&M top c/o GREAT PLAINS

Inflight Self-Care Tips
Inflight Self-Care Tips


This is no joke and the holy grail of Inflight Self-Care Tips. I can’t stress enough how important it is to hydrate on the flight. It will keep your skin extremely happy and will help you even stay healthy post-flight. Planes are boxes of germs and liquids are a great way of keeping yourself detoxed. Remember that they don’t give you bottles inflight, so perhaps investing in your own bottle. Here’s how I enjoy my water:

  • Adding a lemon to your water is great. The hostess will have them for the cocktails they serve. Just ask for one in your water or add it to your own water.
  • Vitamin C tablets are a great way to get your vitamins in and perfect way to start the flight. This will give your immunity that little boost during transit.
  • I always have a little bottle of natural rosewater in my carryon as it’s a great toner. Sometime I add a drop or two or rosewater to my water. It’s an antibacterial and a great floral drink.

Healthy Snacks

Most plane food is full of sodium and salt trying to fill you up. I usually get on a flight with a bunch of snacks and some fresh fruit. It will keep you full longer and prevent post-transit bloating. The girls from Brown and Bee also made a great point to let me know that bringing your own snacks is a great idea if you have any food allergies. Nut allergies are a big thing and I recently found out I’m sensitive to a few things myself.

Some of my favorite snacks are:

  • Nut butter & fruit: There are single serving ratchets of nut butters now and you can always take on your own fruit.
  • Unsalted trail mix: I love making my own trail mix and usually go for it when I’m craving something sweet. I just add cacao nibs to cure my chocolate craving.
  • Raw Bar: This is my favorite raw bar recipe and on long haul flights and trips, I love taking these. They’re satisfying and full of nutrition.
  • Dried Fruit: My favorites are mango and pineapple!
  • Spiced Seeds: Kind of like a trailmix, but without the nuts!


So this is completely dependent on your legroom situation, but elevating your feet is extremely important to prevent swelling. The amount of time it takes for your legs to go down is ages after a flight! I sometimes take bath salts in my check-in luggage, so I can soak my feet and legs when I’ve reached my destination. Apart from the inflight self-care tips, remember you can’t take bath salts in your carry on!

Inflight Self-Care Tips
Inflight Self-Care Tips
Inflight Self-Care Tips
Inflight Self-Care Tips

Move & Stretch

If you’re unable to elevate properly, then be sure to move and stretch regularly. I try to get up every hour when I’m awake. If it’s a night flight, I’ll get up minimum every 2 hours. The blood flow will be good for you and keep you safe and refreshed.


My skincare for flights really depend on the weather, the place I’m going and how my skin is doing at the moment. If you haven’t already noticed, but I always do a quick skincare rundown of The three things I always have though:

  • Caudalie Beauty Elixir: The facial spray acts like a vitamin shot bringing an instant burst of hydration and radiance back to your skin.
  • Swiss line Eye Zone Lifting Complex II: Lack of hydrating brings out fine lines and wrinkles, so this eye gel helps retain moisture throughout the flight. It’s so cooling for your delicate skin too!
  • Swiss line Lip Zone Corrective Complex: People usually forget about the lips even though it’s a super fragile layer of skin. Aim for a product that has beeswax and vitamin E in it to lock in hydration.

Well, those are my inflight self-care tips, tried and tested, and now I’m wondering if you have any that succeeded or failed?

Inflight Self-Care Tips

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