How I Prepare for Summer

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How I Prepare for Summer

How I Prepare for Summer

I may or may not be passive aggressively writing this post because it’s not remotely getting close to summer in London. To be fair, the days are longer, sunsets drench the sky and blooms are making their appearances as they peak in season… but I’m still here wearing winter clothes without the extra top puffy layer.

Last year around this time, my mom was visiting me in London and I remember the first inklings of summer was making its way to the city. On her visit, she did what any mom did, she helped me where I needed it most. We cleaned, organized, cooked and pampered and it made summer all that more exciting when it was finally in full swing. {Side note - how good are moms at just about anything living and lifestyle related?} Don’t worry, we did eventually go on a mother-daughter getaway to Paris.

So, I thought I’d share how I prepare for summer now {and hope it nudges the weather gods to grace us with some sun and warmth}.

How I Prepare for Summer
How I Prepare for Summer

What I Wore

dress c/o BODEN flats BODEN sunnies c/o BODEN purse KATE SPADE

How I Prepare for Summer
How I Prepare for Summer

Beauty with Treatwell UK

My feet are usually so destroyed by the end of the season. Wearing boots, breaking in new footwear, flats with tights—it all has a toll on the skin, nails and cuticles. The colder weather also dehydrates me significantly, so I try to get a hydrating facial, anti-stress manicure, a pedicure to get me ready for a sun-kissed, sandal adorning season.

Treatwell is a website where you can make all your hair and beauty appointments in one place. You can search for a salon exactly where you’ll be. Sometimes I like to get my nails done during a lunch break and if I’m in between meetings, I can arrange for where I’ll be. Best part is, you know you’re going to a certified/quality place even when you’re not familiar with the area you’re in.

Finally, Treatwell also highlights offers on beauty and hair treatments. I’ve gotten a hair wash, cut and dry for £30 before… which is insane!

My Wardrobe

I basically keep the same wardrobe all year round mostly because I have no room in my closet or flat to store other items and because I don’t find it sustainable to have multiple wardrobes. A few things I do to prepare for the warmer season are:

  • Dry clean my coats and jackets
  • Hand wash my knits and place the heavy knits on the top shelf of my closet that I can’t reach
  • Replace my basics (tees and vests mostly)
  • Bring my lighter material clothes to the front of the closet
  • Discard any worn undergarments
  • Bring my lace bralettes to the front (I prefer this Cosabella bralette)

You can read about how I curated my own capsule wardrobe here.

How I Prepare for Summer
How I Prepare for Summer

What I Wore to Prepare for Summer

white denim c/o CREW CLOTHING linen blouse c/o CREW CLOTHING belt c/o CREW CLOTHING cardigan c/o CREW CLOTHING loafers c/o CREW CLOTHING sunnies c/o ILLESTEVA olive denim UNIQLO blouse ASOS coatigan BODEN flats c/o BODEN

Spring Clean

Nothing like a buzz phrase to get you going like ‘spring clean.’ I do love a deep dive into cleaning as I prepare for summer and I always:

  • Clean all the cabinets and drawers and replace liners if necessary
  • Get rid of old makeup and wash my brushes (I do the latter fortnightly)
  • Clear out inside of purses, get rid of all those receipts
  • Get rid of over worn shoes or send them to a cobbler before storing them for next winter
  • Buy new house plants and replace candles with citrusy-floral scents (just bought this gorgeous lime-basil-mandarin candle)
  • Clean the windowsills, since I’ll be opening them up over the summer!

Changes Around the Home

My home usually stays the same, but I do make little changes to greet and prepare for summer. As I said, I usually get a few plants. In the winter months, I’ll stick to a few succulents, but that’s really it. Secondly, I put away the wooly blankets stacked on the sofa and change my sheets to cool cotton and linen blend ones. Finally, I clear up the outdoor garden to prepare for BBQs and alfresco dining!

Assess my Goals

Summer is halfway through the year and what better time to look at your goals? I like to assess what I have done so far, what I am currently working on, take a look at my wellbeing and go on from there. It’s important to evaluate your achievements and manage your expectations. This process always re-inspires me and gets me through the rest of the year.

If you’re feeling a bit lost, maybe think about meeting with a career coach? You can read about what career coaching taught me here.

Do you have anything you do to help you prepare for summer?

How I Prepare for Summer
How I Prepare for Summer

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