How I Reset My Routine

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How I Reset My Routine

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Have you ever gone on a trip and completely stripped yourself of all of your responsibilities and just do what you thought you were always meant to do? Margaritas and read.

I’m sure you’re aware that about a month or so ago, I decided {pretty last minute} that I was going to go visit home {to America} for three weeks because I needed to get away from everything that is my life in London. I actually went into detail about why I took a break. I love London and everything that I have set up and established here, but I was a bit fatigued going into the end of another quarter. At home, I lived my best life and just took days as they came. Coming back, however, was a bit of a mess. I guess the trips you see covered here are more short-stays and thus make it easier to get back into routine when coming back. I’m definitely the person that will unpack the second I walk in the flat and I did the same after America, but I found everything just a little bit more tedious when it came to jumping back into everything. I desperately needed to reset my routine and this is how I did it:

How I Reset My Routine
How I Reset My Routine


Holidays often make us into gluttons and if you’re not then you’re obviously living a different life than most. I find that when I get back my skin is poor and I’m feeling sluggish. My diet at home was great, but I ate too much as I was trying to accommodate a big list of everything I wanted to eat. Come to think of it, there are a few things I wanted to have, but didn’t get to it due to time. I create an easy meal plan that focuses on getting more fruit and vegetables and force myself to drink more water. Getting my diet sorted is easiest for me to reset my routine, but that could be different for you!


I had fallen off the bandwagon way before I even booked my ticket, but I did want to get my body back to feeling strong. I know myself and knew I wouldn’t try and work out on my own, so I decided to sign up for a gym the week after I got my diet started to get back into momentum and not feel overwhelmed. Making fitness a priority was amazing when I reset my routine because it helped me develop a healthy habit.


One of the best ways to really feel like I’m getting everything together is by tangibly seeing the results. I get my eyebrows done, put on a facemark and spend time dry brushing my body. I have been regularly taking supplements and want to accommodate to the {hormonal} changes my body has been undergoing, so I decided to check out Vive Wellness. The only personalized nutrition platform that asks you a series of questions in less than 8 minutes about your lifestyle, goals and routine and then advises you on what supplements to take. You can then set up a monthly subscription or just choose individual supplements after a browse of their offerings.

For me, naturally, I needed to work on my Vitamin B game for energy as that is what I was lacking the most. My skin also is incredibly vulnerable to both physical and mental stress, so I’m glad I was offered the fatty omegas as well! The system is smart and good if you feel overwhelmed in the vitamin aisle. PS - you can use the offer code SUPAL25 to receive 25% off your first order!

How I Reset My Routine
How I Reset My Routine


And with my wellbeing comes sleep! I never cherished sleep until my first night at home with my 12-hour sleep. I was a whole new woman and definitely needed it. The week I got back, I made a point to get off technology by 9:30pm and just read until I naturally went to sleep at 10:30pm. Sleep is healthy and can easily make you bounce back.

Remove Clutter

Whilst you’re unpacking, doing laundry and putting things away—it’s a great time to get rid of anything that is absolutely unnecessary. When I left London, it was just the tail end of the summer weather and could get away with summer dresses with a leather jacket. Now that I’m back, it’s much cooler and I used the unpacking time to swap my seasonal closets and donate unwanted pieces.

Check-In With Myself

Through positive affirmations, I make a point to check in with myself. I am an ENFJ and need a decent amount of control when it comes to my space, this is usually around the time I get stressed and borderline have a meltdown about “not having my life together.” In the time I need to reset my routine, I also make a point to tell myself of all the wonderful things I do have: I have a warm bed to sleep in. I have the courage to take on and defeat anything that is stressing me. My health is the most important thing to me.

How I Reset My Routine
How I Reset My Routine

Find Something To Look Forward To

The first thing I did when I was at the airport heading back to London was start making plans with my friends. Mentally, I knew I was going to be sad and overwhelmed, so I decided to tag along with friends to go apple picking in Kent. If you need a bit of time when you’re back, then perhaps plan your next holiday. Go ahead and book the ticket or the hotel.

Focus on One Thing at a Time

It’s so easy to compile a huge list and feel defeated. It’s what I felt even after 5 days of being back in the city, but I decided to take one one thing at a time. For me, diet is the easiest to sort out. Then came the fitness and then I kept going. I used positive affirmations to calm my anxiety and got to the point where I was moving ahead!

Acknowledge the Situation

It’s easy to get wound up by all that you need to do and haven’t done, but sometimes acknowledging it is quite empowering as well along with being positive for your mental health. Understanding the status quo helps me devise a plan to reset my routine!

What are some of the things you prioritize when you reset your routine?

How I Reset My Routine

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