Tricks for Concentration

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Tricks for Concentration

the freelance life to the corporate world

I’ve had all sorts of jobs and schedules just over the last 5 to 7 years. I was working behind a desk for the government then a student and then on the ground in a foreign country all before launching my own business, which started from my flat. I find it a blessing that I didn’t go straight behind a desk right after college and was given some time to figure out what exactly it was that I wanted and needed. The various experiences opened me up to so much and through it all staying disciplined throughout the day has been the only way to efficiently get work done and achieve results. Today I work out of an office space and on certain days, where high concentration is crucial to get my work done, I tend to stay at home to prevent distractions. So I’m sharing what tricks for concentration works for me and would love for you to share what does/doesn’t for you.


First and foremost, coffee is something that I tried to shake, but I probably never would. The ability to make my own cup every morning, the methodical process, helps me get through the morning slump. I found that owning a coffee machine, like my Nescafe Dolce Gusto, when working from home can increase concentration, save you money and provide barista quality coffee that you might not have access to if you’re not always working in the city. The easiest trick for concentration!

Tricks for Concentration
Tricks for Concentration

timing & distractions

I am definitely someone who can work for very long periods of time without getting tired and losing too much focus. It works for me, but not all the time. On days that I have a lot of analytical work {think numerical strategy}, I tend to burn out quickly so I usually practice the 20-20 rule. This is where I will work for 20 minutes straight and then take a 20 second break. I use that 20 seconds off to literally close my eyes and turn up the volume of my music. Then I head straight back into it again. This is something I did through my econometrics courses… and I graduated with a first, ha! It’s the most productive one of tricks for concentration.

In the age of social media and all its over exploitations, we can get stuck in this tech-induced black hole. There have been countless occasions where I get into my bed, just pop open Instagram and then find myself desperately breathing for air as I unintentionally drowned myself into my feed for over an hour. Block. These. Distractions. Out. I use the Toggl App on my desktop to manage my time and make sure I utilize my time in the right places. I have also shared a few of my favorite productivity apps here!

Tricks for Concentration
Tricks for Concentration

routine & rewards

Every single time I meet with people they often ask how I get so much done in a day. I talk about efficiency and they confuse it with routine. I never have a routine and if you can’t tell from my stories on Instagram, where I share bits of my life, I will go anywhere from being a blogger in the morning to consultant the rest of the day, to enjoying a dinner with the girlfriends. No two days are the same and I like to keep it that way to keep myself excited and motivated to work the next day. It is true that some days/weeks are extremely long, but then I will reward myself with nice things, cheeky drinks, night out or a dinner for two. Recently, I started pre-rewarding-which is where I will reward myself before a long day of tasks, but I make it purposeful. Last week I had a very long day of meetings and negotiations ahead of me, so I treated myself to a nice, healthy and hearty breakfast. So just enjoy the bits in life! True rewarding tricks for concentration!

Finally, on a similar note, I did write a bit about my tricks on staying motivated {long-term} as well. What are some of your tricks for concentration?

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