Rosewater Benefits & How I Use It

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Rosewater Benefits & How I Use It

It wasn’t until my mid-20s did I realize how special and sensitive skin can actually be. It is our biggest organ and though resilient, can be destroyed in a snap. I went through a year of some serious hormonal changes that caused acne, unevenness skin and lots of rosacea. Immediately, I booked an appointment with a family friend who luckily is also a dermatologist and we started a series of topical treatment and focused more on lifestyle changes.

Rosewater has long been used by ancient civilizations in food and beauty and rightfully so! The antioxidants and antibacterial properties makes rosewater an ideal all-natural product to use in your skincare. I prefer to use the Cortas rosewater because it’s 100% all natural and organic. I tried using rosewater facial sprays and toners from my favorite skincare brands, but there were way too many other ingredients and the prices were triple!

Rosewater Benefits & How I Use It
Rosewater Benefits & How I Use It

Rosewater Benefits

I did a good amount of research about rosewater and came to love the product so much that I now use it 2-3 times a day. I recommend to Cortas rosewater to anyone who is battling acne, dullness, fine lines, rosacea, and eczema. I’ve been using the Cortas rosewater as a toner since I started having hormonal acne in high school and continue to use it today! There are a number of rosewater benefits, here are a few:


  • helps maintain skin’s pH level and thus controls excess oil
  • tightens capillaries, reduces redness and unevenness
  • can help prevent redness, get rid of acne, help soothe eczema and dermatitis


  • heal wounds/clean the wound
  • strengthen and regenerate skin cells

Scalp Health

  • treat mild scalp inflammation
  • get rid of dandruff


  • help with stress or anxiety

Buy your Cortas Rosewater here.

Rosewater Benefits & How I Use It
Rosewater Benefits & How I Use It
Rosewater Benefits & How I Use It
Rosewater Benefits & How I Use It

Why Cortas Rosewater is the best?

I swear by the Cortas Rosewater because it is made out of only two ingredients: rose petals and water. Minimal ingredients means you’re going to get the most out of your product.

The formula is just like water, so it leaves your skin clean and hydrated. I also love that it’s not sticky or have a sickly smell. You can’t go wrong with such a simple product as the best products are the simplest ones.

Cortas Rosewater only costs less than $10. There are no upcharges for additives or brand name. So, it’s worth even giving it a try for just $10.

Two other rosewater toners for the same price I have used are the Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner and Burt’s Bees Rosewater Toner. Thayer’s uses a significant amount of rose fragrance and alcohol, which means you’re not getting the original benefits derived from rose petals. Burt’s Bees uses an ingredient called phenoxyethanol that is harsh on your skin and eyes, which could cause irritation or blotchy skin after significant use and was not recommended by the dermatologist. Both products doesn’t produce the same and consistent brightening results as Cortas.

How to Use Cortas Rosewater

These are ways to use Cortas Rosewater and not any other type of rosewater or toner because it won’t have the same effect.

  • Toner - just add a bit on a cotton ball and gently dab on clean face
  • Elixir - place into a spray bottle for a spritz to waken dull skin (great for flights)
  • Eye Mask - soak cotton pad in chilled rosewater and place over eyelids
  • Scalp Rinse - use as a final rinse after conditioner during hair wash
  • Makeup Remover - mix 1-part coconut oil, 3 parts rosewater, shake and remove makeup
  • Stress Away Bath - add a bit of rosewater to a warm bath
  • Clean Wounds - clean a wound with rosewater before treating
  • Add to Water - it will help with a healthy and happy gut and help eradicate any germs or infections

I’ve been wanting to tell you about rosewater benefits for ages and have mentioned it endlessly in almost every beauty related post I have done. I hope you get it now! Have you hear about rosewater benefits and/or used it yourself?

Rosewater Benefits & How I Use It

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