How to Stay Off Your Phone

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How to Stay Off Your Phone

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iPhone Addiction is Real

Since the iOS12 update on iPhone came out, there is a new feature that everyone has had a love/hate relationship with. It’s the “screen time” section under settings, which gathers information on how much time you’re spending (or wasting) on your phone and breaks it down in categories. I was really never worried about my time on my phone as I know I usually spend between 3 and 4 hours, mostly for work and barely for personal use. The only personal use I get out of my phone is calling my parents and my grandparents. Other than that, my phone time is quite limited because I was always taught how to stay off your phone rather than be so dependent on it. But what really worried me was when the update came out, a TON of bloggers were sharing their screen times and they were spending upwards 11 hours a day on their phone on social networking alone! If we are awake an average of 13 hours a day and you’re spending 11 hours on… well, you get the point. I think those people are in desperate need of learning how to stay off your phone.

I will admit that these tips are helpful, but only possible if you’re willing to actually serious and determined to know how to stay off your phone you need to stay accountable for each action. Remember that it will be difficult at first, but once you ease into a new routine, it will be just fine. So, here are my tips on how to stay off your phone!

How to Stay Off Your Phone
How to Stay Off Your Phone
How to Stay Off Your Phone

Stay on a Schedule

I started calendar blocking late last year/earlier this year, which you already know since sharing why I took a break. In my schedule, I make sure to incorporate two things: the first is to allocate actually allocate phone time. I usually prefer to have phone time once in the morning to catch up social media and blog things and once in the evening to catch up on texts and blog things. I barely check my phone during the day unless I need to for whatever productive reason. The second thing I incorporate into my calendar blocking is tech free time. I always do a tech-free commute now that I’m trying to read a bit more (here are some tips on how to have a productive commute. The second time I go tech-free is 30 minutes before I go to sleep. I go into my room and read and try to fall asleep by reading. If you’re wondering how to stay off your phone, then definitely incorporate it into your schedule.

How to Stay Off Your Phone
How to Stay Off Your Phone
How to Stay Off Your Phone

Turn Off Push Notifications

This is the easiest thing to do and might be the first step for how to stay off your phone. This won’t cure your phone addiction, but will make it a little easier to keep the flow of your productivity going. Oftentimes I find myself on my phone after getting distracted by it. So this will help with that!

Remove Distracting Apps

After a bit of frustration, Gem of The Mother Cooker told me she removed a few social networking apps on her phone. She told me that she was getting frustrated with other things, but she realized that without the apps on her phone she found herself so much more productive. This made me realize that removing distracting apps is one method for how to stay off your phone!

Set Alarms/Timers

You know I LOVE timers if you read my productivity tips! Well, timers can also be used to stay off your phone. If you decide not to dedicate a certain timeframe on your phone to be on your phone, then maybe opt to set a timer for maybe maximum 15 minutes to stay on your phone.

How to Stay Off Your Phone
How to Stay Off Your Phone

Leave Your Phone in Another Room

When I work from home and find myself trying to get blog work complete over the weekend, I always leave my phone in another room and on silent. I end up getting a lot more done. If I need to be done with my work by a certain time, then I set an alarm on my phone and let that remind me to stop working and move onto the next task or event. If you want to be extra brave, then try leaving your phone at home that’s how to stay off your phone!

Auto Responder Text

A recent iOS update automatically sent texts if you were driving to ensure that you, the driver, didn’t get distracted. Something I’ve done before is set my phone on ‘do not disturb’ and set up an auto-text to reply to everyone that I am working towards a deadline and will text them back at 7pm. No one bothered me and I was able to finish my work!

Develop an Alternate Habit

Doing these tasks will actively make you look at your phone less. For me, I’m trying to make my phone time more productive. So I will only go to my phone when I need or want something. You can also develop an alternate habit in the time that you see yourself on your phone. For me, I started reading more, watching more documentaries, going on walks and going to the gym regularly.

So there you have it—all my tips on how to stay off your phone. I would love to hear about any tips or advice you may have for how to stay off your phone or how to stay productive when you’re on your phone!

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