WFH Outfits: Basics, Styles, and Brands

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WFH Outfits: Basics, Styles, and Brands

When lockdown started, I didn’t think much of it in terms of how much it will impact my future. I was thinking more of the now mostly because a lot of my family members and close friends were working the frontlines and I was trying to be supportive given I was just expected to be at home and eventually drafted a list of things I wanted prioritize during lockdown. My job status was a bit confusing between transitioning from living abroad, doing some small client projects, and looking for ways to pivot in my career. Near the end of 2020, I was given an incredible opportunity that helped me land a few clients and allowed me to successfully pivot and start a new freelance career that partially includes Courses by Supal. I had faith in my job security and it meant I would be working from home indefinitely–this coincided with when I was running low on fuel with the pandemic and wasn’t feeling myself. I had let myself go a bit, didn’t have much of a routine, and was craving a routine again. What did I do? Work on finding a routine that worked for me and invested in some WFH outfits that would work well for Zoom meetings and even in-person situations. One thing that helped me get out of the pandemic blues was focusing more on myself, investing in self-care, and getting dressed every day.

I decided to center my entire WFH wardrobe around a few of my own pieces I bought from the AU-rate Circle collection because it’s timeless, versatile, and classic. This post will be more about how I put together my WFH outfit ideas, brands, basics–that is easy, comfortable, and professional.

WFH Outfits: Basics, Styles, and Brands

WFH Outfits Color Palette

This was honestly one of the toughest parts of putting together cohesive WFH outfits. Moving back from London meant I didn’t have a lot of basics and so I had the opportunity and chance to start new. The only problem was that I love colors and patterns and didn’t want to move away from that. So here’s what I did:

  1. I chose a basic color palette that allowed me to easily mix and match my outfits. Going for mostly camel, white, black, grey, denim, and olive.
  2. Focused on curating basics that only fit within those color schemes. You know I love a Bretton tee, which is why I was happy to incorporate the striped pattern into my wardrobe.
  3. Let myself go crazy with the colors and patterns with accessorizing! I have a handful of silk scarves, scrunchies, headbands, and jewelry that speak to my personality and still look great with the color palette I chose.
WFH Outfits: Basics, Styles, and Brands
WFH Outfits: Basics, Styles, and Brands

What I Wore


Brands for WFH Outfits

This was also a tough one for me as I was still discovering new-to-me brands since living in London for so many years. JCrew was the only brand I knew that I could get basics within my WFH outfits color palette, but I wanted to try a combination of small brands, ethical and conscious material, and styles that could be worn at home and when I’m out. Here are the brands I shopped at:

  • Boden is great for striped tees! The quality is always great as it last years. They also have several other patterns within my color range too like polka-dots and florals.
  • Everlane is a new-to-me brand that I had been eyeing for a couple of years now. They make high-quality clothing made in ethical factories and timeless designs.
  • LLUME is a small business that designs elevated everyday jewelry basics. Each of their pieces can be stacked and mix-matched for endless combinations and looks.
  • Vetta Capsule is perfect for those who don’t want to do the thinking! You get a versatile 5-piece capsule collection to create 30 outfits. All clothing is made with sustainable fabrics in responsible factories. I’m going to try this service out next time!

Other Brands & Affordable Picks


Affordable WFH Outfit Staples

My goal was to get pieces that would work well together and didn’t require too much thinking in the mornings when putting together my look for the day. These pieces needed to be comfortable and breathable too all while being able to take Zoom meetings. Here’s what I got:

  • This Breton tee is perfect for layering, easy to style, and great if you’re trying to add a little pattern to your WFH wardrobe.
  • Black midi dresses are comfortable and easy and great for layering! Go for something a little loose and a soft material.
  • Everyday basics like these black, grey, and white tees are perfect for layering under a cardigan or throwing a jacket on top if you go for a walk. I’ve seen them work well with a blazer on top too!
  • A shirt dress is something that can be styled and worn in so many different ways with a jacket, layered jewelry, and/or fun silk scarf.
  • I lived in these black leggings in the early part of the pandemic and still love them so much. They’re great for the lazier days and can be styled with an oversized white button-down easily or a pretty linen tunic.
  • Olive cargo trousers are my new favorite thing to reach out for when I don’t want to wear jeans and my leggings are in the wash. They’re great with a light blouse or a tee and a soft denim jacket.
  • These indoor/outdoor Sandals are good for when you’re working from home and like to do some errands in between. I’ll take out the trash, water some plants, grab a coffee, or even just step outside for a minute to get some fresh air.
  • Just after work I put on my Supergas trainers and run out the door to go on a walk and listen to an audiobook or call a friend. These are easy to wear, great for walking, and always match everything.
  • An oversized cardigan is great when you’re looking to wear something easy and still look put together. I’ll wear this cardigan with a tank top and over some leggings or even throw it on when I’ve got a meeting and I’m not dressed for it!
  • High-waisted shorts may not be great for the office, but I needed them as part of my WFH outfits in Florida. Super easy to wear, you can tuck in a tee and throw on a blazer, jacket, or cardigan if you’ve got a meeting.

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WFH Outfits: Basics, Styles, and Brands
WFH Outfits: Basics, Styles, and Brands
WFH Outfits: Basics, Styles, and Brands

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